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Miss Npapi Plugins?

It seems there are many people upset and walking away from Firefox and Chrome browsers because Npapi plugins no longer work and that is mainly Java and Flash Player. That has forced many back to using Internet Explorer but I have noticed in Windows 10 the venerable browser not running as smoothly as it used to with unexplained pauses and freezes now and then and I suspect that is why Microsoft is battling "the hoardes" to establish a new browser in Windows 10, Edge, to replace it, a browser that is quite "spartan" and is developing slowly but seems to have a better reaction time than IE so far. Many of us have sites that will not function without Java and resent the changes made by FF and Chrome because the uses for most of us far outweigh the possible dangers from exposure with Java. I have a brokerage site that is useless to me without Java and they have tried and tried to render it working in other platforms and simply cannot. For many it is a gaming site or other financial site and while IE works for them also knowing that is going away and watching the freezes and falters only further reminds me of that future.

For more details : explainer video

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